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Zayed Residence offers several features and facilities for its residents, all to add comfort, elegance, safety, and durability to this beautiful modern building. The facilities that the building offers include:

24 Hour Security:

To ensure maximum security and safety for all the residents of the building, 24 hours of security will be available for the building.

Large Garage:

To ensure convenience for you and your family, we made sure that each apartment gets a parking spot in the Garage.  The garage is large enough to accommodate all our clients, and more.

Fence Around the Buildings:

The 2 buildings have a single point of entry from the ground floor for added security.  Both buildings are surrounded with a fence to ensure that the residents can rest safely and without disturbance.

Security Intercom:

An intercom is placed at the bottom of the buildings to allow for communication with the apartments and guests.  This increases security, and ensures that you do not get unwanted guests to your doorstep.

Central Satellite:

You no longer have to go through the hassle of installing your own satellite at the top of the building. We made sure that each apartment gets it’s own satellite signal from the centralized satellite dish that is available in the building.


Each building contains 2 elevators that serve a small number of apartments.  This is to ensure that waiting time is reduced, and the elevators are equally comfortable.  The two apartments taking the facade will enjoy their own elevator, while the three apartments at the back will have a second elevator for their personal use.

Elevator on Garage Level:

You no longer need to take the stairs to go to the ground floor after you park your car.  You can simply get to your apartment from the parking level.

For more information:

Tel: +202 2690 9019
Fax: +202 2690 6811