ENCON :: Engineering Construction

The Engineering Company for Reconstruction was established according to law 159 of 1981 and is considered one of the leading companies specialized in the field of Real estate investment in Egypt. The company has many achievements in its implemented & delivered projects to its clients since it delivered more than 1500 residential units, commercial and touristic complexes.

  • Specialized in Real Estate Investment and Development in Egypt since 1981
  • Subsidiary activities of the company include:
    • Property Management and Land Development .
    • Tourism venues operation and development .
    • Bowling Centers operation and development .
    • Import and Export of billiards equipment .
  • successfully developed and delivered more than 1500 Residential and Commercial Units since 1981
  • Established under the Egyptian Law Number for Joint Stock Companies.

Misr Investment And Development

The company is specialized in property investment and development in Egypt since 1979; it has succeeded since its establishment in the development and delivery of many of residential and commercial units. Misr Investment and Development is also specialized in managing touristic facilities

  • Specialized in the Real Estate Investment and Development in Egypt Since 1979 .
  • Subsidiary Activities of the Company Include: 3 Star Hotel Management .
  • successfully Developed and Delivered more than Residential and Commercial Units since 1979 .
  • Established under the Egyptian Investment Law Number for Joint Stock Companies.

Misr Contracting

The company was established in 1980, a shareholding company specialized in general contracting for residential and commercial projects to play a significant role in the construction and contracting activities in Egypt and neighboring countries.
And it is considered  one of the largest contracting companies operating in Egypt, as it has built over the last thirty years more than 15000 (fifteen thousand) housing units and commercial complexes in addition to a large number of industrial , educational, touristic projects and facilities.

  • Specialized in Main Contracting and specialized contracting since 1980.
  • Established under the Egyptian Law For joint stock companies .
  • Categorized in Second division according to the Egyptian syndicate of Contracting .
  • Specialized in Residential Buildings, Schools, Resorts, and Commercial Buildings.

Misr Anshas for Food Products

It has been working in the field of agriculture and food production since 1984.
  • Specialized in Agricultural development and cultivation.
  • Established under the Egyptian Law Number for Joint Stock Companies.

Bounce for Restaurants & Recreational centers:

Is considered an extension of the multiple activities undertaken by the group of companies in the management of sports and recreational centers The company is to be specialized in the management of bowling centers, sports and family centers using sophisticated and modern concepts.

  • Specialized in Touristic sports centers and bowling centers since 1995.
  • Built and operates Nile Bowling Center and Hurghada's Ebb & Tide Bowling Center.
  • Established under the Egyptian Law for Joint Stock Companies.