About Us

ENCON group has been established in 1979 to contribute effectively in solving the housing problem in Egypt. The group's work evolved over the last three decades to include the activities in the following areas.

  • General Contracting
  • Real Estate Investment.
  • Economic & Average Housing.
  • Luxurious Housing.
  • Recreational & Commercial Centers.
  • Managing Recreational & Sportive projects.
  • Agricultural projects.

Our Values:

Credibility and Integrity

We promise what we deliver. Through over 30 years of working in Egypt, we have consistently delivered our promise to our clients and are always keen to exceed their expectations.

Social Responsibility

As we are aware of our responsibility towards both our community and environment, we continuously work on volunteer activities to assure our positive impact on our society and environment.

Employee Development & Positive work environment

Our employees are our main assets and partners for life. We put great emphasis on enriching the working environment for our employees and enhancing their skills. We aim to make each and every employee enjoy working for ENCON Group.


ENCON Group has a diverse portfolio that serves several sectors and client profiles. Through our diversity, we are able to serve our clients better.